Mana whakahaere

Te Kaupapa o Tuu Whakahii Waipiro  "Ngaa Aromatawai Hauora me te Rangahau Hauora Te Maaori, Naa Te Maaori, Moo te Maaori"

Te Aronga a
Tuu Whakahii Waipiro
“Ngā Aromatawai Matawara Hauora me te Rangahau Hauora Kaupapa Māori, mā Māori, mō Māori”

Tuu Whakahii Waipiro Governance 

Tuu Whakahii Waipiro Board and Directors comprise experienced and driven leaders who bring a broad and diverse range of experience and expertise to the organisation. High governance standards are achieved when individual Directors and the Board as a whole act ethically and in a manner consistent with the values of the Tuu Whakahii Waipiro.  Our governance is overseen by Ronald Karaitiana, Adam Martin, and Raawiri David Ratuu– you can view their profiles in the Meet Our Team section.