Purpose of Tuu Whakahii Waipiro

|Purpose of Tuu Whakahii Waipiro

|Te Kaupapa o Tuu Whakahii Waipiro

Te Aronga a
Tuu Whakahii Waipiro
“Ngā Aromatawai Matawara Hauora me te Rangahau Hauora Kaupapa Māori, mā Māori, mō Māori”

“Ngaa Aromatawai Hauora me te Rangahau Hauora Te Maaori, naa te Maaori, moo te Maaori”

The purpose of Tuu Whakahii Waipiro is to support Maaori to, achieve and then exceed, equity in health and social outcomes to reach their aspirations.We are committed to tiakitanga to make Aotearoa a better place for Maaori today and in the future. 

We will do this by preventing and eliminating the harm to Maaori caused by alcohol and other harms.

This will be achieved by:

a). Conducting a national alcohol health needs assessment (HNA) to understand the needs and priorities of hapuu or iwi, whaanau, hapori Maaori.

b). Researching the causes and harmful effects of alcohol and other harms, to Maaori.

c). Using the evidence in (a) and (b), develop effective, proportionate, evidence-based, Tiriti-compliant responses to the causes and harms from alcohol.  This includes developing local, regional and national strategies, improved legislation and policy aimed at preventing and eliminating inequities from alcohol and other causes of harm, on Maaori.

d). Advocate for improvements to the social determinants of health, and the causes of the causes, of alcohol and other harms to Maaori.  This includes colonisation, racism, poverty, housing and the environments where Maaori live, learn, work, play and pray.

e). To provide strategic advice, engage, partner, collaborate and support hapuu or iwi, whaanau, hapori Maaori, as well as government and non-government agencies. 

f). Raise the awareness of public health issues at hapuu or iwi, whaanau, hapori Maaori at all levels, concerning alcohol and other harms.

g).  Develop and implement health promotion programmes that are appropriately adapted for Maaori that prevent and eliminate the harmful effects of alcohol and other harms.