Adam Martin LLB, BCom

Adam Martin LLB, BCom

Director | Board Chairman

Adam brings a wide range of business networks afforded to him after 20+ years as a business owner.  Over these two decades, he worked exclusively in bank finance and the import/export business.

He owns and manages an import/export company, which in the Covid19 environment is more focused on imports than exports. 

With his experience in business turnarounds, Adam began to provide specialist consultancy advice in organisational governance, organisational change, and growth.  The majority of his appointments are for entities within the charity sector whose beneficiaries are predominantly Māori.  These entities include:

  • United Māori Mission Inc.
  • Te Hui Amorangi Ki Te Tai Tokerau Trust Board
  • Finance Chair for Te Pihopatanga O Te Tai Tokerau
  • Te Whare Ruruhau O Meri Trust
  • Te Mihana Māori o Tamaki
  • Heartbeat City Ministries

In October 2020, Adam was appointed the General Manager of the St Stephen’s and Queen Victoria Schools Trust Board, responsible for reopening the two oldest Māori Kura in Aotearoa.  This position became full-time in September 2021 with the vital responsibility to develop and implement long-term sustainable financial and educational plans.

As the Managing Director of Tuu Whakahii Waipiro, Adam is responsible for ensuring the Health Needs Assessment and Research is completed on time and budget. At the same time, the need for governance of the bigger picture – considering the future outcomes for Māori as the result of this important kaupapa.