Suaree Borrell

Suaree Borrell, BA (Hons) Sociology, PGD (Political Science)

Kaiaarahi Maaori Lead Researcher Maaori

Suaree Borell (Ngāti Maniapoto, Ngāti Ranginui, and Sāmoan) has a wealth of knowledge and understanding of kaupapa Māori evaluation across a range of sectors. Suaree has a passion for innovative facilitation that is drawn, and formed from her learning within kaupapa Māori research and evaluation programmes. Her focus and attention to holding spaces, challenging paradigms that limit Māori aspirations and building conversations for change is where she finds value.
She continues to support Māori health outcomes in a range of evaluation projects related to health, education and corrections. Suaree has more than 15 years’ experience in designing, leading and managing kaupapa Māori research and evaluation projects. She has contracted independently across a range of sectors for more than 15 years and has strengths in revealing kaupapa Māori based evaluation mindsets that are anchored in Māori ways of knowing and being.
She is a homesteader, and rests heavily on an immutable connection to the rohe of Whakamārama in Te Moana o Toi (Tauranga). Her whānau have held residence in Whakamārama since the 1880s, and she lives in the Homestead at Ross Road which was built in 1912. This connection to whenua and whakapapa has guided and shaped a Taiao based approach to most aspects of her mahi in health research and programme evaluation design. This approach honours matauranga maaori values and views as the basis for determining merit, value and worth within policy initiatives or programmes.
Qualifications: BA Hons Sociology, Postgraduate Diploma Political Science – The University of Auckland 2004