Strategic Plan

Mahere rautaki

| Prevention and elimination of alcohol harm for all Maaori, so we can live the lives we want to lead

|Our strategic Goals

|Te Tutukinga e Hiahiatia ana

Maaori to achieve, then exceed, equity of outcomes and their aspirations regarding whaanau ora and alcohol.
Government, legislation and systems are te Tiriti responsive for intergenerational wellbeing.
Recognition and Increased use of moohiotanga Maaori in legislation and policy.

Our strategic priorities

We have four strategic priorities that will help us focus our work on achieving the outcomes we pursue to eliminate alcohol harm to Maaori.
These are:

Completion of the national Maaori Waipiro Health Needs Assessment.

Advocating for evidence-based change so that legislation, policy and systems are te Tiriti o Waitangi compliant.

Provide policy advice on achieving equity regarding alcohol harm to Maaori, civil society, the government and associated agencies.

To work in partnership with Maaori, the government, civil society and communities from a broad range of sectors.